Product and Services

          Direct Manufacturing:

§         Bags – all types

§         T-shirts

§         Jackets

§         Baseball Caps

§         Sweaters

§         Plastic Products (Injection), House, Bath & Kitchenware

§         Plastic Injection Moulds


Importation and Import Services:


Importation has become the prime component of our business.  We expect continued growth in this area as the global marketplace continues to shrink and the principles of GATT and the WTO are steadily enforced.


§         Specialties:  We are particularly proud of our imported products, offering exceptional price and quality on the following product lines:

o        Umbrellas – Beach, Folding, Standard Automatics

o        Pens – From Mont Blanc’s to low cost generics, we have all types

o        Electronics – Calculators, TV Sets, PDAs, Cameras, PlayStation II, etc.

o        Clocks & Watches

o        Kitchen Wares and Appliances

o        Toys & Novelties (Premiums)

o        Stainless Steel Products

o        Corporate Gifts:  Brass Keyholders, Executive Desk Sets

o        Bags: Made by our manufacturing partners in China

§         Freight Forwarding (Inbound):  From our foreign offices, we handle any inbound freight from anywhere in the world.  These are done through individual contracts and agreements and can range freight in cubic feet to weekly High Cube containers.  Our foreign offices are located in Yiwu (near Shanghai), Hong Kong and Seattle, USA.  We handle all type of goods from foodstuff, commodities to Divisoria merchandise.

§         Air Freight:  We handle inbound air-freight from Hong Kong.

§         Other Import Services:  Indented Merchandise, Contract Purchases, Sourcing, Buying Representation and Consultancy.

Local Manufacturers Representatives: 

For local products we don’t produce ourselves or import, we have numerous sole marketing agreements, joint ventures, and exclusive manufacturing arrangements with patented products including such products as ceramics, porcelain, towels, brass ware, leather goods, and others.  Our prices for these products are not unlike those offered by manufacturers directly. 


§         Printing Services – We have state of the art printing equipment from Europe and USA, we are capable of the finest quality silk-screen printing, pad printing, hot foil and pressure stamping.

§         Artwork Preparation – We are well known to have the most advance computer graphic systems and engineers, conceptualizing and producing work at par with expensive advertising agencies.  Our expertise in this area, cuts the time required to develop a program considerably.  Many smart product managers has learned to utilize this free service.

§         Other Products & Services

Our company has diversified into many areas such as Importation, Forwarding, Distribution, providing products and services as:  indented importation; door to door forwarding; distribution of US Beef products; OEM appliances; wholesale general merchandise for department stores and Divisoria; and distribution of sports and scuba diving equipment.

This diversity of services actually complements our primary business – Promotional Products, by providing us with economies of scale and buying power; improves our negotiating position with suppliers; and provides us with a truly global network of tried and dependable sources.