PRESS RELEASE                                 Release date: February 1, 2002       





Continuous Promotion for Consumers, Inc. (CPC Inc.), a leading importer / manufacturer of promotional and advertising specialty products in the Philippines, announced the appointment of Mr. Ty Hang Chiu and SPT Trading Company of 391 Chou Zhou Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang 322000, China (Phone 86-579-5313139, Fax 86-579-5313039) as CPC’s official Buyer’s Representative for Northern China, covering manufacturers within the booming industrial provinces along the Yellow River valley culminating around the major embarkation port cities of Shanghai and Ningbo.  This new office augments CPC’s long standing Buying Office in Hong Kong which was having difficulties coping with the volume of business from China.  The Hong Kong office can now focus their attention around the other major consumer production center around the port cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


Yiwu is the main commercial wholesale center within China, sometimes called the Divisoria of China, nearly every Chinese manufacturer have product representatives in Yiwu which makes it an ideal location to source products.  It’s location is conveniently located between the two major ports of Shanghai and Ningbo which provides maximum access and selection of shipping resources.  CPC Inc. normal transit time between Shanghai and Manila is 5 to 7 days whereas most requires 13 to 21 days.


Douglas Yu, Manila based President of CPC, Inc., cited “Emphasis on Competitive Advantage” as the primary reason for the creation of the new office.  “The Promotional Products Industry in the Philippines is saturated and very competitive”, Mr. Yu explained, “The implementation of GATT, the lowering of Tariffs and the removal of most trade barriers including the SGS, naturally swelled the number of companies engaged in this business”.  “It is common knowledge that everything is made or will eventually be made in China, being a Filipino-Chinese company, we have a distinct advantage  over our competitors, half of whom are not Chinese and the other half, surprisingly, are not Filipinos (such as Americans and Koreans).”


A warehouse is connected to the office, situated on Yiwu’s main street.  It can accommodate two 40’High Cube containers and will also serve as a delivery point and consolidation center.  CPC Inc. are also major Freight Forwarders, they accept assorted merchandise and delivers the goods to their owners in Manila at a low fixed price per cubic foot. 


Advanced technology has always been a hallmark of CPC Inc.  The most advanced ADSL in China provides 24/7 real time broadband communications with its Manila base office.  Two of the five staff members are Mandarin, English, Tagalog speaking Chinese who are trained in computer graphics, design and communications.  This prevents a common cause of rejects from China, the murdering of a customer’s logo.


A third office is planned for later this year in the vicinity of Xiamen, Fujian Province.


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